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The Real Essence of Art: A Purist's Take on Creativity and Miami's thirst for its consumption.

Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Display

Walking into the world of Art Basel Miami Beach, 2023 was a pure dream! Ahhh! The feeling of tranquility was palpable and gallerists, the art, and visitors were "chillaxed!" The idea that such a phenomenon could could coexist in a world where often foreign beliefs from passers-by, art achievers and dealers collide is coaxing for the soul.

Hajime Sorayama, Sexy Robot Floating

Why do people create Art? Is that a difficult question? Simply put, no. The long answer and logical one for this type of affair is more complex than most people know, even Artists. Artists create what is felt inside: a deep passion for a particular subject and area of exploration where logic and improvisation solve problems to create beauty or dissonant objects to be hung in some dark warehouse for gallerists as they rotate inventory or in someone's home as a reminder of something in their psyche; the person can identify with.

Yayoi Kusama, Wax Figures, Bags by several artists for Louis Vuitton

Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, was the best year for the fair to relate to the more average collector and viewer. This is really an concept of economics. The pandemic influenced the world and this affected eveerything and everyone. It created the opportunity for gallerists to choose "safer" works of Art. Purist art or art with sentimental value in some form so as to have the gap between the world's most lucrative Art fair and consumers on every level become


Biza Butler, Hot, Cool & Vicious, Salt-N-Pepa

Purism in Art is basic and describes Art that "looks pretty" and "goes well with decor over the sofa" in someone's home. It is usually created out of real paint, clay, real bronze, wood, fabric and much more. The simple can be combined with other media, yet it is usually simple art that can be labored to a point where many hours have been painstainkingly invested by an Artist. The concept is also obsessive in nature, yet not complex. It is less planned and more improvised and fresh! Purists work with the most basic of materials and define the word: Artist. A purist would be delighted to see this trend continue in our modern times and continue to inform technological advances in Modern Art and Contemporary Art. Complicated was not the theme in 2023 as Art needed to be sold.

Kezia Harrell, Americana Hot Momma.

When Purist Art is sold it attracts the masses or more people with lesser knowledge about Art, which is a niche subject at the Blue-Chip level (means expensive Art). This has led to an explosion of inspiration and excitement in Miami that has never been seen. The hope is that Purism in Art continues to be celebrated and inclusive to all who are inspired by the heart in the Art.


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