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Can anyone Draw? Can anyone Paint?

The quick answer to the question, Can anyone Draw or Paint is, Yes! If you decide you wish to take some of my classes whether online or in-person, my Lessons are tailor-made to see where your strengths are and areas that need improvement. I may assign simple tasks to see how you respond with minimal instruction from me and this is helpful in assessing your overall natural ability. *This really is a non-judgmental way of seeing how you approach what my parameters for an assignment are and then, I do give you a lesson in-person, taught online with materials, or a Skype session to further assist you in synthesizing ideas piece-by-piece. Layer by layer, I give you direct feedback on what to do and what to avoid. Natural ability and Talent in Art can always help, of course, however, most people can draw and paint. It is the difference in natural ability and highly-developed talent where people are a little misinformed.

Natural ability means a person was born having certain skills in an area where it has not been taught to them and the amount of corresponding skills in an area. Talent is the same, except to a add multi-dimensional abilities in the given area without prior knowledge and is typically highly-developed.This is know-how from seeing my own performance in various art challenges requiring me to use a reservoir of skills I never knew I had. I became reliant on these skills to Conceptualize,Draw, Paint,and Sculpt, where I showed signs of doing this consistent behavior in Art, since age 4. Being prodigious is great, yet it has to be exercised all of the time to keep that conceptualization, eye-hand coordination and focus developing and evolving aligned with creativity. With persistence and time, Art can be taught and learned, if you are dedicated to the craft. I do want to mention that as with any discipline, some folks are born having a God-given Talent and in either case, it takes commitment to see Artwork through.



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