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Am I a Starving Artist?

In only one sense, I crave to create Art. How is that possible? I think it is a realization that I can not do anything other than Art. It is as if it is in every fiber of my being and when I try to do something else, I get pulled right back into it. It is practical to follow one's goals in life, however, people like me, are born knowing they have a special gift to share.

It can be an overwhelming idea when you really, really think about the great responsibility that comes with having a dexterity for something, so I try not to do so much. What comes with what seems like ease takes many years to master and I believe I am always learning. I am my own student in many ways, if the idea is that we learn from our mistakes and improve our creative abilities.

"Night Butterflies", 8 x 10", Acrylic, April 2019, is part of my "Relaxing works" as other worldly.

Practice makes better. This is how I believe the Visual Arts, particularly, the Fine Arts should be treated. It alleviates pressure off of the one having to conceptualize and create. To relax and focus, an Artist must be relaxed. It all begins with word association or image association and then it is a dance between the Artist and the Canvas, Panel or any other support. It is mentally challenging and a process done with integrity and intensity. It is a physical work of Art we are creating, therefore it takes mental and physical labor to see it through.

Some works remain to remind Artists of their greatest triumphs, as well as their tragedies. I believe all work should be kept: to learn from it. I think it is important to keep the less successful works around us to make us better artists, so that we are starved to create more. If there is nothing left to view, we need to set our sights on new imagery, yet it is up to us to create it. I believe I mean, it is up to me to create more. Concept to completion. The cycle repeats.

I will stay starving.


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