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Ongoing enrollment for Fall/Winter 2019.


Hi! I am Cecilia Paz, an Artist and Art Teacher. Whether you are 4 or 40, you will get something out of my classes! How about a Portrait, Landscape or Still-Life you have made on your own? Doesn't that sound FUN!!!? Let's Paint!!!


I have had the privilege to study Art for the better part of my life and keep creating Art as it is my passion! Here is a little background about me!


I studied Painting at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. I have a BFA, in Illustration, particularly Realism in Oil, from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia and my MFA, in Painting concentrating on the Concept of Self-Esteem depicting myself as Muse for Metaphor, from Miami International University of Art & Design.

I have taught at Miami Dade College 3 years and Dade County Public Schools 2 Years. I have also taught at The University of Miami for a brief semester.

In all of my training, I know plenty to share my Artist Tips & Tricks to get you to understand the basic concepts of Art in a short period of time. Homework is required to achieve a finished work of Art in 4-8 sessions. I write some dates on the Home Page, however, more dates will become available as classes will fill up! I will work with Acrylic and Watercolor for Basic, Intermediate and even Advanced students, if the classes are full. I do specialize in Oil, however, I have to assess each student to see, if Oil is something I recommend, if the classes are full. *Please wait to purchase any materials until I know your needs.

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