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My Artwork in Oil

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Art Week Miami begins December 1, 2023.  There will be all kinds of Art Fairs around the city including the new Tribeca Festival at the Botanical Gardens. Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 is at the forefront of the art madness inside the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Public Days for Art Basel are Dec 8-10. Please visit the official website of this  Art extravaganza. Go to: for more information.


"Esta Soy Yo 2019 (This is me 2019)", 4 x 5', Oil on Canvas,

2019, Miami, FL, USA.

My current work based on the ongoing theme expressing taking ownership of one's person and the theme of Self-Love.

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Hello! I am Cecilia Paz, Artist, Educator, Art Blogger and I welcome you to my Art Website and Miami Art Blog, which has been in existence for eleven (12) years.

I am a Fine Artist with a concentration in Painting, Illustration, Color Theory, Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Art Appreciation, Figure Drawing & Anatomy.

I love to write about my two passions, which are my love of Art & Miami.

So, I decided to unite both of my real worlds under one Website. I find this is the happy marriage of my work and my life. As trends evolve, I am updating this new template with new content, frequently and my other social media handles, where there are new apps to remain relevant and fresh with new and exciting platforms in 2023-2024!


Miami Art Blog offers professional Artwork, Education & Products.

I blog about what I find to be most interesting about the artistic and experiential trends of Miami and beyond. Topics I have covered are related to things I enjoy or am new to include as fun and informative material. 


MY blog is written from a personal perspective. Feel free to request to make suggestions in the Contact Us form. Positive Feedback is always welcome. A monetized blog means that I charge for events I attend and cover in some cases, offer products to sell like my Artwork, Commissions, Fine Art Apparel & Accessories, along with Classes, Memberships & Workshops.

All material is copywritten that is non-public-domain, so please request any and all

reposting of images and/or content as it is Intellectual Property.

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